Put a Holiday Break in the ‘Visit Clare’ Holiday Prize Bank!

Visit Clare has an opportunity to place some Holiday Prizes with National and Regional Media in return for Promotional Profiling.

Offering Holiday Prizes is proven to be a very effective way to raise awareness and excitement about holidaying in Clare and YOUR accommodation as the prize.

If you are interested in providing a prize, you can add it to Our Prize Bank here. We will never use it without agreeing on the promotional opportunity with you first.

 Here are the Essentials

  • Visit Clare is seeking to raise the profile of Clare at this time. As part of this, we will have the opportunity to place some Holiday Prizes with National and Regional Media in return for Promotional Profiling.
  • Offering holiday and holiday-related prizes to national and local media is very effective way of promoting the home holiday experience and YOUR business as the provider of a prize.
  • In order for us to be able to organise promotions, we need the Clare Tourist Industry to provide us with good prizes that we can easily place. This Holiday Prize Bank allows you submit your prize to us. We will then work to place it and, once we have identified an opportunity, will discuss it with you.
  • The holiday prizes do need to be of both good quality and substance:
    • In the case of serviced accommodation, prizes can never be less than a two night break (bed & breakfast plus dinner one evening) in an accommodation graded 3-star or above. Note: Some media will stipulate that the accommodation grade of the prize must be 4-star or above.
    • In the case of self-catering accommodation, the stay should be between 3 and 7 nights, accommodating a family or a party of 4 or more. The grading should be a minimum of 3-star and, once again, some media will stipulate that the accommodation grade of the prize should be 4-star or above.
    • The best holidays, and the ones that are the easiest to place, are those that offer quality accommodation (as above), plus some other aspects which give a wider ‘destination’ experience e.g. sample activities might be a spa treatment, a round of golf, adventure activity, guided tour, tickets to a top attraction, etc.
    • ‘Area Destinations’ within Clare can come together to provide a prize, but the responsibility of honouring the prize will reside with the business which submits it (typically an accommodation provider).
  •  The better the prize the easier it is to place with the BEST media i.e. media with greatest audience (readers, listeners, viewers, online subscribers). If the prize is exceptional e.g. a MAJOR ‘destination’ prize we will try to seek special placement.
  • We do provide the media with a detailed description of the prize and your business (based on the information you provide us with). We also ALWAYS state that specific dates cannot be guaranteed and that breaks must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. We will state breaks exclude peak dates e.g. public holidays and special events. However, restrictions cannot be too onerous e.g. cannot be limited to mid-week only.
  • There are also times where we can use holiday-related prizes as stand-alone prizes for online promotions e.g. tickets to visitor attractions and entertainments; tickets to participate in an activity – and we may also sometimes use these to embellish a prize.
  • We will endeavour to place a selection of prizes, but placement won’t always be possible.
  • Once the prize is won we will contact you again to request a voucher letter which we will provide to the winner of your prize.

Submitting your Prize via this Link

  • Simply complete and submit your prize via this link HERE
  • Some terms and conditions apply and are stated in the Prize Bank.
  • If you have any queries, please contact us.

Remember, before we place any prize with media, we ALWAYS discuss the opportunity with you as the provider of the prize.


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