The pretty, peaceful little village of Quin has a small population but is rapidly becoming a very favourite tourist destination. There is a rich collection of historical gems that make the village worth visiting – not least being the best preserved abbey in the Shannon region. Quin Abbey is adjacent to the 13th century gothic style church, where you are invited to climb the spiral staircase and revisit how the monks lived while taking in the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Origin of Name: It is thought that Quin derives its name from ‘Cuinche’, probably meaning the arbutus producing land. According to local folklore, there was once an arbutus grove here in bygone days; while the name could also refer to a quince tree.

Nearby, you’ll find Knappogue Castle which has been restored. The Castle is open for viewing from April to October – while you can sample the riches of a medieval banquet there between the months of May and October.

Further south lies Craggaunowen, a fascinating 16th-century castle and archaeological open-air museum which recreates the lifestyle of ancient Celtic ancestors in the crannog and ring fort.

Quin offers fishing all year round on the River Rine, and the area has also developed a popular equestrian industry, with a number of stud farms around the village.

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