This little village stands on the eastern verge of County Clare, on the bank of the river Shannon – the longest river in Ireland. The bridge which gives its name to the village stands across the Shannon, and has at its east end, in County Limerick, the village of Montpelier.

Origin of Name: O’Briensbridge is named after the bridge across the Shannon at that point, built by Turlough O'Brien in 1506.

The section of the river just down from O’Briensbridge is a very popular angling and water sports spot. Just upstream at Parteen the flow of the Shannon is diverted into a man-made canal – built to allow navigation of boats and barges to the city of Limerick. Today, the canal is being developed as an attractive area for recreation and water activities.

The village has a public playground, picnic area and is also the starting point for the O’Briensbridge- Old Barge Loop Walk. Along this trail you can experience a little piece of history, as it includes the old canal towpath used, in years passed, for horses to pull barges up the waterway. This picturesque walk passes along the riverbank and towpaths from O’Briensbridge to Clonlara and returns via the headrace embankment. It is of moderate difficulty and totals 12km/7.5 miles in length.

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