Here is a village with a wonderful story to its name.

The Kilmihil parish is about 29 km/18 miles south west of Ennis and is a village in the Barony of Clonderlaw, West County Clare. It is also a civil parish and an ecclesiastical parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Killaloe.

Origin of Name: Kilmihil takes its name from the Irish ‘Cill Mhichíl’, meaning ‘Church of St. Michael the Archangel’

Tradition credits the founding of a church in Kilmihil to St. Senan in honour of Michael the Archangel. During the reign of Pope Gelasius I (AD 492-496) an apparition of the Archangel was reported to have taken place on the summit of Mount Garganus in Apulia in Italy. This took place in the lifetime of St. Senan who, after visiting Rome in around 530 AD, returned to Ireland wishing to foster devotion to Michael.

While travelling from Scattery Island to Doolough he stopped in Kilmihil where he founded the church. For centuries it became a place of pilgrimage to St. Michael, especially in September as his feast day is on 29th September.

In 1937 the Curate of the parish Fr. Patrick O’Reilly, organised the improvement of the well and the surrounding area. The well is now enclosed and over this building is the Statue of St. Michael enclosed in glass.

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