Kilkee is situated on Moore Bay – a beautiful horse-shoe shaped bay, the entrance of which is protected by a stunning reef known as Duggerna Rocks. Since the Victorian era, Kilkee has been a popular tourist destination. The well-to-do were drawn to the town’s unique climate, natural amenities and coveted bathing areas. At its height of popularity, the railway carried nearly 250,000 people to Kilkee annually. While the town has retained its charming 19th century Victorian atmosphere – it also has all essential, modern facilities you need to complete your perfect holiday.

The resort has developed along the semi- circled strand about 1 mile/1.5 km in length and has a good extended stretch of sands between the promenade and sea – offering the ideal spot for the perfect beach holiday. It is also regarded as one of the best and safest bathing place on the western coast.

The well-known and much-loved Kilkee Cliff Walk can be accessed from the car park overlooking the world famous Pollock Holes at the west end of the town. These holes are three large, natural rock pools that offer safe and sheltered swimming during low tide. The national loop walk follows a cliff path along the truly breathtaking and varied coastline – with different loop options along the way. In total this walk is 18.4 km/11.4 miles and should take you 4-5 hrs.

Origin of Name: Kilkee takes its name from ‘Cill Caoidhe’ or ‘Coidhe's Church’, from the site of a little burial ground.

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