Located on the River Cullenagh, Ennistymon is a beautiful area for both business and pleasure – combining scenic, natural beauty with old world charm and a lively local shopping area.
The narrow street near the bridge over the Cullenagh River is the oldest part of the town – and a little below the bridge, the river rushes over an extensive ridge of rocks resulting in the most beautiful of cascades. The shops are all within walking distance of each other – the fronts of which are all tastefully preserved to be true to the heritage of the town. The friendly welcomes you’ll receive and busy, happy ambience is reminiscent of bygone days – and yet the town also gives visitors the chance to relax, sit back and enjoy the atmosphere of the many bars and restaurants. Worth remembering too is the Food and Craft Fair on a Sunday, where locally- produced goods are sold.

When you visit Ennistymon, look out for the ‘An Gorta Mór’ Memorial – just a mile outside of the town, across from Ennistymon Hospital, on the road to Lahinch. Built on the grounds of the old local workhouse, this memorial commemorates the memory of the victims of the great potato famine of 1845 to 1850 known as the Great Hunger (An Gorta Mór).

Origin of Name: Ennistymon takes its name from ‘Inis Diamain’ which is generally translated as ‘Diamain’s River Meadow’.

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