This beautiful, picturesque village is just 16 km/10 miles from County Clare’s attractive Atlantic Coast and the village is seen as the gateway to the incredible Burren region. Corofin is located on the River Fergus and the hinterland around Corofin is renowned as the Clare Lakelands and Lake Inchiquin.

The village is an historical settlement built to provide an estate village which could service the needs of O’ Brien Barony of Inchiquin. As the village is part of the lower Burren region, Corofin has many distinctive native floras as well as an extremely dense network of prehistoric tombs in the parish.
The modern village has many tourist attractions and accommodation providers – as well as lots of restaurants and fine pubs that invite you to join in the regular traditional music evenings.

Origin of Name: Corofin takes its name from the Irish‘Coradh Finne’ which means ‘The Weir of Finnia’.

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