Carrigaholt is located on the mouth of the River Shannon and it is part of the Loop Head Peninsula – home to Ireland’s only resident 120 bottlenose dolphins.
Carrigaholt is an old fishing port overlooked by a 15th century castle, built by the MacMahon family in 1480.

It’s a beautiful area, with many natural highlights including magnificent cliffs, rich and diverse fauna as well as some geological wonders. You’ll find much to do in this little part of Clare – with many water activities on offer. Well-worth doing is a boat trip from Carrigaholt Pier around the peninsula where you will see the resident dolphins as well as some amazing views of the coastline and cliffs around Loop Head.

Here is a unique habitat – where sea cliffs rise out of the ocean to battle the stormy Atlantic waves. It’s a true treat to see the cliffs providing a nesting ground for many different seabirds – which is why the Loop Head Peninsula is renowned as one of Europe’s premier bird watching regions. Also look out for grey seals on the stony beaches as well as wild goats that feed on the grassy slopes.

Origin of Name: Carrigaholt means the ‘Town of the Rock of the Fleet,’ and its origin is traceable to the anchorage for vessels, under a rock, on the shore.

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