Carran is the only village in the Burren uplands – offering spectacular views over the Burren landscape, from grey Karst limestone pavement for which the Burren is famous to arable green fields cultivated by local farmers over the centuries.

The area is a walker’s paradise, with three nationally-recognised walking trails, and a choice of accommodation. The ‘turlough’ (disappearing lake) in the valley below the village is the second largest and most famous in the world because of its rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Carran is also well-known as the birthplace of Michael Cusack, founder of the GAA. His original homestead has been fully restored and a contemporary visitor centre that is open to the public has been developed in its place.


Origin of Name: The name is derived from the Gaelic word ‘Cairn’ meaning ‘a mound of stones’. These cairns can be found at the highest points of each of the mountains in the Burren, built there by past generations of Burren inhabitants to honour their dead.

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