Rich in culture and history, and nestled in the foothills of the Sliabh Aughty Mountains, Bodyke is a tiny little village which changed the course of Irish history in a big way. The 1800’s was very much defined by The Land Wars – a period of great unrest which continued for three decades as tenant farmers fought for fairer rents and better conditions. One of the most dramatic events of the Land War took place in Bodyke – known as the Bodyke Evictions.

Today, the parish of Bodyke comprises the combined medieval parish of Kilnoe and the southern area of the medieval parish of Tuamgraney – an amalgamation that took place sometime in the early eighteenth century. It’s a quiet, peaceful and comfortable village – and is home to the East Clare Golf Club at Coolreagh which was officially opened in 1995.

Origin of Name: The name Bodyke may have come from ‘Both-Teig’ (Teig's hut), according to T.J. Westropp. The contemporary Irish form is ‘Luban Dige’ but this seems to be a modern translation of the English form of the name.

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