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Worms in Your Head A Journey

New Work by Stephen Dunne

18th May – 6th July Opening reception 7.30pm Friday 17th May

Worms in Your head presents a constellation of drawings and works on paper by the Irish artist Stephen Dunne.

The exhibition features a series of recurring motifs related to a mysterious character presented with difficult routes through hills and mountains.

Multiple choices and wrong paths.

The drawings spin out in myriad directions of allusion, metaphor and technique.

The project attempts to navigate a treacherous and slippery path via figurative painting, landscape and surrealist approaches to image making.

Dunne’s practice operates across the registers of painting, drawing, moving image and the investigation of speculative and theoretical fictions. Currently, his work stems from a playful approach at image making, beginning with inkblots and random chaotic marks made on paper which are subsequently manipulated into suggestions of various forms. Works are produced in a spontaneous manner and attempt to draw upon the unconscious as a source material.

Drawings are placed on the wall in response to both the space itself and to each other. The process of making, where each thing leads to the next through an experimental and intuitive approach is at the core of Dunne’s work.

The subsequent work acts as a trigger for fragments of shared memory brought to the surface via a type of riffing on imagery, both the familiar and drawing from narratives prevalent in popular culture.

For more information please contact:

Anne Mullee, Curator

The Courthouse Gallery & Studios, Parliament Street, Ennistymon, Co Clare V95 D791

+353 (0)65 707 1630


The Courthouse Gallery,
Parliament Street,
Co. Clare,
V95 D791.
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