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Whistles For Refugees Charity Event

On the night we will have a host of live bands, spoken poets, fire performers and more in store also a few supprises for those arriving on the night .

We will be raffling a painting from our own collection worth $1000 on the night to give back to one of our luck supports as with out you our land would be filled of rubbish and hundreads of people will freeze through the winter with out the aid of sleepig bags.

If you would like to sponsor a sleeping bag which will mean u get to witness your donation traveling from Ireland to Syria via truck and recieve pictures of its journey to his new owner and begining .As we cant take photos of their faces we will send pics of the camps and hands of the refugees so they arnt effected in the future.

We hope to see all you wonderfull people we have met throughout the years before our voyage.

Stella Maris Hotel,
O'Connell St,
Co. Clare
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