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Tulla Famine Walk

East Clare and Mid Clare Way Walking Trails

Join us on 22nd September to walk the places around Tulla associated with the Famine and hear about the effects of the Famine on our parish.  This 7km guided walk will pass some of the buildings that played important roles in the Famine in Tulla and you will hear about some of the people in Tulla who tried to assist those in need.
Following the success of the Tulla Famine Walk in August as part of Tulla Weekend of the Welcomes, we have decided to host this event again as part of the Clare Walks Ltd. walking weekend.
Meeting Point: Tulla Library. Registration from 1:30pm with walk starting at 2pm. Parking is available throughout the village.  The walk will take approximately 90 minutes and light refreshments will be served afterwards.  This walk is free of charge with an optional donation.  All monies raised will go towards the future maintenance and upkeep of the East Clare Way and the Mid Clare Way walking routes.

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