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Tribal Spirit Drumming

Tribal Spirit Drumming at The Boghill Centre

Rhythms, songs, chants in harmony, teachings of the drum from the tribal cultures of planet earth. These workshops have developed thanks to many years of the drumming, sharing and listening of the growing drum community in Ireland. Always new, always different, a safe space is created where we can restore our spirits, our connection with ourselves, each other and the spiritual side of our lives. An exploration of the hand drum as a tool for ; Individual and Community, Healing and Celebration, Movement and Stillness, Chaos and Peace.

About John Bowker

John has been teaching the hand drum in Ireland for more than 15 years and has become Ireland’s most experienced and well know drum circle facilitator. He has worked successfully with many varied groups and communities and holds regular weekly classes in Ennis, Limerick and Galway. John is the author of “The drum handbook” and has a drum practice CD available; ‘Heartbeats’

Boghill Centre,
The Burren,
Co. Clare
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+353 65 6835736 www.burren.ie

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