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The Light Runners

The Light Runners were formed in 2014 by Lazare Mbouwoua, from the Central African Republic. The lead singer and front man of the group who’s passionate and enigmatic performances have brought people of all ages to the dance floor all over Europe & Africa. Apart from their ever growing list of self-written reggae and funk tunes, The Light Runners also like to re-live those popular reggae classics we all know and love; hits by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Lucky Dube to name a few.  As the night progresses Lazare’s voice appears to get closer and closer to those whose songs he is singing, by the end of the night it seems like Bob, Peter and Lucky  were also ‘in the room’. The Light Runners reggae ‘versions’ of songs by Jimmy McCarthy and Chuck Berry are always a popular hit with the Irish audiences that they have visited on their tours around Ireland in the last 3 years.

Culturlann Sweeney
O' Connell Street
Co. Clare
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