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The Burren Annual 2018

The Celtic Image Sir Sidney Nolan OM

For the 2018 Burren Annual, Burren College of Art, brings together a group of hitherto unknown and  previously un-exhibited late spray paintings, titled the ‘Celtic Image’, by the acclaimed international artist  Sidney Nolan, from the collection of the Sidney Nolan Trust in Prestigne, Powys, Wales.

The Burren Annual exhibition brings Irish and international artists working with diverse modes of practice to the Burren to engage local and visiting audiences.  Inaugurated in 2004 it foregrounds Burren College of Art as a site for discourse and artistic engagement and prioritises the rural as a hub for building local and international creative networks.  Opening reception on 21st June from 6pm to 8pm.

Burren College of Art,
Co. Clare.
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