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The Banner Throwdown

The event is for individual athletes and will comprise of 40 participants per day
20 male and 20 female Saturday Beginners, 20 Male and 20 Female Sunday Scaled

This competition will be a test of general fitness & Work capacity, skill and strength for BEGINNERS, using some of the most common movements used in CrossFit in day to day training

Beginner category:
-First Time competitors in any form of CrossFit (Team,pairs,Individual)
-No high level skill movements (No Olympic lifting)
-Expect bodyweight movements, Kettlebell movements, and the ability to move yourself & other objects
-Short fast sharp WOD’s

Scaled Category:
-Never placed in the final of scaled or higher
-higher level than beginner
-Some Olympic lifts (Power clean or complex)
-No pull ups or snatch movements
-WOD’s are COMPLETELY different than Beginners category
-Expect some NEW movements which require Low skill but challenge work capacity

The Crowd: the fittest fans category

Supporting your Crew/Box/Family/

On site fitness challenges and games with prizes for the best participants

Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

CrossFit an Chláir Inis,
Gort Road,
Co. Clare
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