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Spancil Hill Fair

Visit Spancilhill Fair to watch the traditional way of buying and selling horses. There will also be plenty of fun and entertainment including face painting and a multitude of other activities for all the family to enjoy.

History of Spancilhill Fair: The first charter for this historic fair was granted by King Charles over 300 years ago. In the past the fair lasted for a week or more with people coming from all over the world. In recent times it has evolved into a one day show and fair where the leading horses in the country are presented. Buyers from all over Europe are still attending and purchasing horses who go on make their name on the international stage in both the showjumping and pony circles.

In 1913 it was recorded that 4,000 horses were present and a feature of that fair was the purchasing of horses as cavalry horses for the British, Belgan and French armies. 1,175 horses were purchased on that day on behalf of the British army by a Mr Robinson. These horses were later transported tied head to tail to Ennis railway station for export.

For more information about the Spancilhill Fair click here.

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