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Smoked Salmon & Burren Beer Tasting

Heritage Week

Discover the mystery of traditional salmon smoking and taste the salmon. Then, in the Burren Storehouse, enjoy a Burren Brewery beer tasting.

In the Burren Smokehouse, hear all about the secrets of Salmon Smoking, and sample the silky, smoky texture of our salmon. Discover the first kiln and smokebox we used and watch a short film about the smoking process. In the Burren Storehouse next door, you will taste three beers made in the in-house Burren Brewery and an in-depth presentation. Afterward, you’ll have the opportunity to have lunch there and watch the GAA Hurling semi-final on our 6m screen.

Burren Smokehouse & Burren Storehouse,
Kincora Road,
Co. Clare

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Further Information +353 (0)65 7074432 Twitter Facebook info@burrensmokehouse.ie burrensmokehouse.ie

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