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Smoked Salmon – Behind the Scenes – 5th July 2019

We will begin our experience with a short video about the smoking process in our visitor centre. You will get a hands-on demonstration of the kiln: feel the oak shavings, open the kiln, look inside and smell the smoke.

Then we will go down to the smoking room, the heart of the operation, where we will change into protective clothing for your tour of the live production area. You’ll look inside the working smokebox and ovens. We believe that smoking salmon is an art and a craft. You will see the entire production facility and learn how we produce our award-winning salmon that is being shipped around the world.

After that, we will walk to the Roadside Tavern, the adjacent pub that had been in our family for over a hundred years. Here you will enjoy a tasting platter of our own smoked salmon as well as a glass of beer from our own micro-brewery. Peter Curtin is the master brewer of the Burren Brewery, and as an added bonus, he will be talking to you about the brewing process and anything else that you might want to know!

Burren Smokehouse Visitor Centre
Kincora Road
Co. Clare
V95 HD70

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+353 (0)65 7074432 www.burrensmokehouse.ie

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