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Shela na Gigs and other Gods-an interactive art exhibition part 3

By Astrid Adler

This body of work comes out of the project : “Search for the divine female”. A research into Clare /Ireland communities’ mind, practice, images and knowledge of divine females/female goddesses and places dedicated to them supported by the Clare Arts Office in 2010. The search brought up carvings of Shela na Gigs, stories of Gréine, Biddy Early and Aibheal or the healer women with the symbol of the double dragon from Scattery Island.The series of paintings are mostly (oil) pastels on black carton taking form from wisps to stonelike sculptures. Why she hid the paintings for so long is a mystery to the artist herself. Adler presents a possible pantheon of gods inspired by the spirit of Clare.The visitor is invited to write down what the Gods stand for, are good for or useful for, if female or male or even names. At this stage the paintings are for sale. The artist will be is present in a setting of celebration at the exhibition close.

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