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Breath and Blood – An Exhibition by Alastair MacLennan and Sandra Corrigan Breathnach

Exhibition and performance by collaborators Alastair MacLennan and Sandra Corrigan BreathnachOpening reception at 6pm.  ‘Breath and Blood’ is an exhibition/installation of drawings, video, sound and live art performance, looking at the cyclical nature of life and regeneration that occurs within it, viewing this as a possible aspect of mind, where nurturing growth and new energies, can allow one to expand and renew one’s awareness of being.  Carbon, a fundamental building block of life on earth, expressed here in the form of charcoal, transforms through the nature of ‘action’ a new emerging narrative opening, releasing and creating further fusions allowing forms and perceptions to alter, a temporal drawing unfolding, echoing ‘natural’ transitions. Duo drawings (evoked using human hair embedded in willow) come into being… thereby suggesting further links, with hair holding ‘memory’ and willow ’emotional healing’…by intertwined, intuitive, flowing action.

Burren College of Art,
Co. Clare

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