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Sakura: A Brand New Day

The Scariff Library Gallery are to host a thought provoking exhibition titled Sakura ‘’ A Brand New Day’’ featuring work by the visual artist ‘Zen’.

‘Zen’ was a prodigious child born in 1955 to an intellectual family in Romania. His early academic and intellectual ties with France and French as a language, made him develop up to now a love for variety in different cultures.  His talent for painting and sharing the freedom of expression bonded his love for diversity with many other international links.  Today a respected PhD Professor of Art and a fantastic Specialist restorer of painting and architecture alike, his true passion is visible in the healing links with the Zen Buddhism, Japan, the Japanese Temples and the endless introspection of the soul. The freedom of spirit and its necessity is always mirrored in his never-ending painted depiction of wings, flight, and oxygen. ‘Each day, a breath of fresh air is a rejuvenation of the soul and of the graphic mark alike’ as he personally states during the studio painting sessions.

The visual show invites the reader and the viewer alike to a space of stillness, an exhibition of graphic art & miniature objects in harmony to the passage of seasons we enter, from winter to spring.  Everyone is welcome to attend and view the work.

Scarriff Library Gallery
Co. Clare
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00353 89 2493082 www.clarelibrary.ie
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