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Rocky Shore Safari Ross Beach

Heritage Week

Take a trip through the richly bio-diverse Ross Beach Loophead, hosting in excess of 85 seaweed species and 70 shore creatures, with author Carmel T. Madigan, who produced a book about this beach.

Artist, Author and Educator, Carmel T. Madigan, takes groups through the shore discussing the seaweeds and creatures. Carmel grew up within a stone throw of the beach and has many historical stories to relate as experienced by herself and as passed on by her parents who have spent their entire lives by the shore too. In 2014, Carmel published her book ‘Seasons, Species & Patterns of a North East Atlantic Rocky Shore’ based on this particular beach. Wear suitable clothing including wellingtons.

  • Suitable for Children under 12
  • Car Parking Available

Bridges of Ross,
Car Park,
Co. Clare

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