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Mother Tongue: Coosheen’s Forgotten Seanchaí and Son

Releasing a precious genie out of the bottle, for BliainnaGaeilge we celebrate newly recovered folktales of forgotten Clare Irish SeanchaíPádraig (Croaker) Ó Briain, from Coosheen, County Clare, refracted through “The Magic Gifts” by Sinéad de Valera, and re-enacted by actor Pat Laffan in a new English translation – with Deirdre Mulrooney.  Following the generational transition from Irish to English, for the first time ever Anne Daly, great-grand-daughter of Croaker will share memories of her beloved gran-uncle “the Poet” Paddy O’Brien (1920 – 1977), and perform his English-language poetry, set to music.

Cultúrlann Sweeney Kilkee.
O’Connell Street,
Co. Clare
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