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‘Midnight in Paris’ An Art Exhibition by Brian O’Shaughnessy

Presented by Scariff Library Gallery

Scariff Library Gallery presents ‘’ Midnight in Paris’’ by artist Brian O’Shaughnessy.

East Clare artist, Brian O’Shaughnessy is a native of Tuamgraney and now resides in O’Briensbridge.  Having studied Art in Limerick College of Further Education, Brian has taken part in both solo and group exhibitions.  This latest exhibition, ’Midnight in Paris’, was inspired by a quote from Pablo Picasso, he said “a good artist copies, a great artist steals”.  Brian took couple of Picasso paintings and added a portrait of Picasso himself to the work thereby creating a new and original piece of work. After this, Brian decided to create similar pieces using other artists, he created works featuring Francis Bacon, Salvador Dali and Alberto Giacometti.  All the works in this exhibition feature the artists with some of the work that they themselves produced.  Sometimes it is important to look back before you can move forward.

Scarriff Library
Mountshannon Road,
Co. Clare
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