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Lean on Pete

Lean On Pete is a 2017 film. 127 minutes long. Cert 15A. 15 year-old Charley (Charlie Plummer) and his father Ray arrive in Portland, Oregon, where Charley takes a part-time summer job with small-time horse-trainer Del (Steve Buscemi). Charley is a natural with the animals but develops a particularly powerful bond with Lean on Pete, a racehorse on its last legs. On learning that his new friend is destined for the slaughterhouse, Charley flees with the horse to embark on a cross-country journey, which leads him to search for the loving aunt he hasn’t seen in years. Tickets €5, Seniors €4. To book ring 065 9060769 or online at www.culturlannsweeney.ie.

Culturlann Sweeney,
Co. Clare
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