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Launch of Two Books: Fact and Fiction and Chasing the Craic

Two Authors 40 stories 20 titles by Elizabeth Starr and Niall Allsop
Elizabeth Starr writes fiction; Niall Allsop writes non-fiction. Each came up with ten titles, wrote about each themselves, and then wrote about each other’s. The result, Fact & Fiction, is a unique book of short stories—20 non-fiction and 20 fiction—crammed with multifarious characters to make you laugh and cry, to shock you and enthrall you, to puzzle you and enlighten you. Expect the unexpected.

Chasing the Craic: Travel tales of an Irish rover by Niall Allsop
Chasing the Craic is an irreverent travelogue; tongue-in-cheek, foot-in-mouth tales of Niall Allsop’s travelling encounters across mainland Europe, the United States and Ireland.
It is a compendium of tales and anecdotes, adventures and misadventures, observations and reflections, of an inveterate rover, of someone who always assumes that people are more likely to be open and generous if you share a bit of the craic with them.

DeValera Public Library, Harmony Row, Ennis, Co. Clare.
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