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Johnny Carroll

Johnny Carroll has been performing for the last 6 decades. He is known to his fans as the ‘Man with the Golden Trumpet’. He is a native of Roscommon and was encouraged by his father, at the age of 12 to join the local brass band. He subsequently joined the Pioneer Aces, an irish showband and began his professional career aged 13. This band renamed as The Premier Aces topped the charts in Irish and the UK . They were also one of the first bands to break into the music scene in America. When they disbanded, Carroll formed The Magic Band. He eventually struck a deal with Harmack Records and released a number of albums of easy listening medleys, which were successful across the country. He later began a very successful solo career. He not only made his mark on the Irish scene but internationally also, having met some of the greats in music including Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Jim Reeves and Roy Orbison.

Culturlann Sweeney,
Co. Clare
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