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Heritage Walk – Energies of the Equinox by the Flaggy Shore

This heritage walk focuses on the special energies of the Burren. Heritage maps of the historical and natural sites are complementary on the day.

This walk forms part of a series of festive walks led by writer and guide Jackie Queally of Earthwise. We will start off by the Flaggy Shore and wander there a while to soak in the ambience before starting to walk a road which many ley lines cross. Jackie will supply dowsing rods and teach you the art of dowsing (if you have not done it before!). We can detect the ley lines with the rods with a little practice. During the interval at Linnalla Icecream Café you will receive your own copy of local map of the ley lines and we will discuss our experiences. Weather permitting we will do a special guided meditation outside that connects with the seasonal Celtic Tree. The walk will end by the lovely Loch Maree where Jackie will play the gong to mark this special time of year.

Fee €25 including refreshments at Linnalla Icecream Café.

Flaggy Shore roadside parking,
Flaggy Shore,
Co. Clare
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