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Hansel and Gretel

commencing at 2.30pm each day

Hansel and Gretel live with their father and stepmother in the village of Munchin Koffdropp. Their story involves various characters including a wicked witch, (but not too wicked!), a Forest Fairy and The Dame/Miss Daisy Demeanour, (Woo Hoo!!!). The tale comes to a nail-biting climax in a Gingerbread House, when Hansel and Gretel narrowly avoid being eaten, and the witch gets her just desserts!

Full of fun, lots of hisses and boos, lots of laughter, this is family entertainment at its best. Oh, yes it is!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Panto, and Pantaloons – now in their 16th year, have firmly established themselves as a wonderful family tradition in Clare.

Sat 22 is a relaxed performance, which has been specifically tailored for those with dementia, learing disabilities or other sensory needs.

One performance will be performed in Irish Sign Language – please see www.glor.ie for more details.

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