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Guided Meditation

Four week Guided Meditation group in Ennis

 This is a guided meditation which comes in 3 parts with gentle pauses in between.

Part 1: Grounding: This helps to settle and relax, easing attention away from thoughts and into the physical body, facilitating a more present and grounded state of being.


Part 2: Body Energetics: The energetic system of the body is made up of Chakras and Subtle bodies. Meditating with the energy system of the human body helps to free up stagnant and stuck energy, allowing energy to move freely which creates a ‘go with the flow’ kind of attitude to life.


Part 3: Physical body: To be in connection with the physical body is a very important aspect of health – to bring ease to the body, nourish the body, enliven the cells and open a pathway of communication that supports the body to heal.

This meditation is suitable for everyone.

Co. Clare
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