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For All The Fires Not Yet Lit

A Sung Story of Everyday Courage

For all the fires not yet lit is a solo performance for studio spaces that uses found sounds, electronic samples, storytelling and song to tell a simple tale of one woman’s quest to find her brave bone.

Claire Lyons’ fiancé doesn’t think she should make a speech at their wedding reception, neither does her mother.  And yesterday she stayed swimming in the slow lane, despite her legs wanting to push her faster.  And so it is that a morning outing to get some milk turns into an odyssey of minute proportions where small risks have big consequences and timid Claire surprises herself and others.  Over the next 24 hours our unsuspecting heroine goes on a protest, makes friends with a shoplifter, ends up in a prison cell and wakes with a very different view of what is or isn’t possible.

Interwoven with small, tender and mighty stories of everyday bravery For all the fires not yet lit is a clarion call to be brave in an age which we are constantly told to be fearful. Because courage, like fear, can be contagious.

Winner of Brighton Fringe Music Award 2016

If Catherine Ireton performs any kind of a show at a venue near you buy a ticket and go see it” Guide2Brighton

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