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Feakle International Traditional Music Festival

A night of East Clare Music in the Marquee at Pepper's Bar

Feakle Festival of Traditional Music festival is delighted to present a night of East Clare music hosted by Paula Carroll.

The concert will feature:

Josephine Marsh and Mick Kinsella –
Josephine plays accordionist/multi-instrumentalist and composer & Mick plays harmonica and English concertina.
Sean Lyons – is a fine traditional singer and multi-instrumentalist – son of renowned singers of John Lyons and Anne Lynch Lyons.

Katie Greene – talented singers from Co. Clare. Katie brings a unique twist to her reperatoire of traditional and folk songs.

Eimear Coughlan, Francis Cunningham and Carl Hession – a talented trio with a strong musical heritage. Eimear, granddaughter of renowned fiddle player Paddy Canny, is an accomplished harper and fiddle player. She is joined by talented concertina player, Francis Cunningham, a fine young exponent of the instrument. The duo will be joined by the dynamic piano player Carl Hession. The festival will host the launch of their much anticipated album Úrnua.

Mary McNamara, Andrew MacNamara and Sorcha Costello – stalwarts of East Clare Music, this trio brings the music of East Clare to new heights.

Co. Clare.
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