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Emigration from Clare and Limerick – Kilkee Civic Trust Talk

Cultúrlann Sweeney at 8pm

Talk Description: It’s all in the Talk Title! Jane Halloran Ryan will recount the experience of emigration, the personal pain, the tears, searing loneliness, forever farewells, the Irish Wake, the experience upon arrival in the New World, Ellis Island, new ways of living; ultimately a new life for those fortunate enough to survive the journey; and place it all in the context of the world before modern transport by sea and air; when, if you were literate, and most were not, communication was by letter taking several weeks to reach its recipient.

About the Speaker: Jane Halloran Ryan is the principal and founder of Dalcassian Origins, a family and local history and genealogy research service based in county Clare. Growing up in America; her own interest and experience in genealogy began in her teens when she started her own family research journey, bringing her back to Ireland, and her roots, where she now lives in her ancestral parish of Tulla in East County Clare. Professionally; Jane is a Solicitor and member of the Law Society of Ireland. Her legal background, armed with a Certificate in History of Family & Genealogical Research Methods from University of Limerick and later her M.A. in Local History at University of Limerick in 2017; is a powerful skill set, drawing on genealogical & legal research methods, enabling her to deal knowledgably with queries and research work including house histories, heir research services, family research reports and genealogy consultations. Generously; Jane undertakes volunteer work for “Ireland Reaching Out”, acting as Parish Liaison for Tulla, Co. Clare

Cultúrlann Sweeney
O’Connell Street
Co. Clare
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