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De Valera Public Library – Children’s Summer Activities 2017

De Valera Public Library is holding a series of summer activities for children during the summer.

They are offer everything from museum visits to jewellery making, the following is the schedule for the coming week;

Monday 11-12am:

Visit to Ennis Abbey

8-12 years

Monday 3-4pm:

Jewellery making with Sinead

7-9* years

Tuesday 3-4pm:

Jewellery making with Sinead

10-12* years

Wednesday 11-12am:

Visit to Clare Museum

9-12 years

Thursday 3.15-4pm:

Summer Stars Storytime

3-6 years

Friday 11-12pm:

Film Viewing: Charlotte’s Web



County Library Headquarters at Mill Road,
County Clare.
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