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Creative Writing Workshop

Writer, painter, and filmmaker Frank Golden will lead afternoon workshops that will challenge participants with a series of writing prompts focusing on the main elements of the short story – setting, protagonist, conflict/problem/dilemma, climax and resolution.

two classic fantasy short stories will be explored in an effort to illustrate variant approaches to the genre. By the end of the session, participants should have an outline of at least one story they want to write, plus the story opening, and one or two scenes.

Frank Golden is a Clare-based poet, novelist, and painter. He has published four books of poems, the most recent of which is In Daily Accord (Salmon Publications). His first novel, The Two Women of Aganatz (Wolfhound Press),was well received, described by Carol Coulter in The Irish Times  as  “uncomfortable, but compellingly and poetically described by a powerful imagination”. 2015 has seen his return to the novel form with the publication of The Night Game (Salmon Publications).

He has received bursaries and awards from the Arts Council of Ireland and the Irish Film Board, including a bursary in literature in 2014.

The Burren College of Art,
Co. Clare
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+353 65 7077200

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