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Children’s Film – Igor

This is a 2008 Film, PG Cert, running time of 87 minutes.  Igor is a family animation with a darker tinge.  John Cusack voices the hunchbacked, bug-eyed evil scientist’s assistant in the miserable principality of Malaria, a place denied sunlight and so dark in outlook that it has created an entire economy based on evil inventions.  Igor is himself an evil scientist wannabe, and when his employer Dr Glickenstein (John Cleese) blows himself up with a misguidged experiment, Igor steps in and begins work on creating a human from recovered body parts.  Mortifyingly, the resulting misshapen female is not evil, and a brainwashing procedure intended to correct this goes terribly wrong, creating in “Eva” a desire to be a stage actress – she trills things like:  “I must write this down in my sense-memory journal” and lumbers off.  Another evil scientist Dr Schadenfreude (Eddie Lzzard) plans on snatching Eva and claiming her as his own.

Culturlann Sweeney,
Co. Clare
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