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Burrenbeo Trust August Walk

'Lives, legacies and legends of the Burren - travelling in time with a field archaeologist'

This walk is a fantastic opportunity to hear the stories of a series of enigmatic imprints left on the Burren landscape by various inhabitants through the ages, including Leamaneh Castle, a holy well and a Bronze/Iron Age barrow burial monument, which is currently being excavated.   Ros is Field Director of the Irish Fieldschool of Prehistoric Archaeology, which takes place each summer in the Burren. In his research Ros is particularly interested in relationships between individuals and societies, periods of social flux and in striving to understand past societies and their viewpoints on the nature of being.

Suitable footwear, such as walking boots, is essential, and also appropriate clothing for the weather. No dogs allowed. While the focus of the walk will be on information sharing rather than covering large distances, a reasonable level of fitness is required. The walk is of medium grade difficulty with a short uphill walk over rough terrain. The start location has been sent to Burrenbeo members. Sign up for membership here.  If you are not yet a member, you can sign up for membership on www.burrenbeo.com.

South Burren location
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