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Burren Tolkien Society Festival

This is a Must-attend for all Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans! Peter Curtin from the Burren Tolkien Society has summoned the experts on everything Middle Earth, and they have followed his call.

Peter Curtin of the Roadside Tavern in Lisdoonvarna spent a lot of time researching the truth behind some statements made to him during a chance encounter in the 1970’s. A lady with connection to the household at Gregan’s Castle where JRR Tolkien used to stay numerous times claimed that the famous writer of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy took inspiration from his visits and excursions in the Burren.

This one-day festival will explore the story behind the classic series, and also feature other areas of interest like Arms & Uniforms during the Irish War of Independence, and the material culture of the Vikings. Liam Campbell, a Tolkien expert, archaeologist Shane Delaney and herbalist Lisa Guinan will give very informative and interesting talks. Award-winning model making expert Mark Maher, who worked his magic for the LOTR films, will share his secrets in a presentation.

There will also be a musical side to the eventful day which starts at 1pm. Spontaneous storytelling with music for one, and then the evening will conclude with music from the Termites Club.

David Swift of Claíomh will be demonstrating leather craft-working throughout the day.

Peter Curtin is currently busy in the Burren Brewery, brewing his famous Hobbit Ale, and there will be a Middle Earth inspired menu available in the Burren Storehouse. Cosplay is strongly encouraged, and there will be a prize for the best costume!

There is no admission charge for the festival day, everybody is welcome!

A day full of Talks, Beer Launch, Craft Demonstrations, Live Music and Middle Earth-themed Food

1pm – Welcome and Launch of Hobbit Ale by Peter Curtin

2pm – “Arms and Uniforms during the Irish War of Independence” by David Swift of Claíomh

3pm – “The Burren as a source of inspiration” by archaeologist Shane Delaney

4pm – Presentation by award-winning make-up, prosthetics, prop and model making expert Mark Maher

5pm – Viking Ager material culture by David Swift of Claíomhtolkien jpeg 2017

6pm – Keynote talk on Tolkien expert Liam Campbell and Herbalist Lisa Guinan

7-9pm – Spontaneous storytelling with music by Katja Machleidt
The audience sets the scene, music will be played, questions will be asked and the answers woven into the tapestry of the unfolding story… the magic adventure.

10pm – The evening will conclude with indie music DJs from the legendary Termites Club.

David Swift of Claíomh will be demonstrating traditional leather craft working throughout the day.

During the festival, the unique Hobbit Ale will be exclusively available, and the event will feature a Middle Earth inspired menu.

Everybody is encouraged to don a costume. There will be a prize for the best costume on the night.


The Burren,
Co. Clare
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