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Burren Nature Sanctuary Events

Daily – 11am Focus on Botany: A short talk on the Burren flora in the Botany Bubble

Daily – 11.30am – Fairy Woodland Walk: Dress up in fairy wings and explore the magical woodland, who lives in the tiny houses?

Daily – 12 Noon & 2.30pm & 4pm – Animal Handling: Meet and feed the farm pets, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs

Daily – 12.30pm – Walk with Emilia the Micro Pig: Follow Emelia on a fun walk around the Burren nature trail

Daily – 3.30pm – Guided Nature Walks: Taking in the Burren landscape features: woodland, turlough, karst limestone, wildflower meadow

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Burren Nature Sanctuary,
The Burren,
Co. Clare
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