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Burren Experience Sunset Sunday

Join us for the a tranquil evening watching the sunset over Lough Bunny and the Burren Mountains. You will be warmly welcomed by your host’s Bronagh and Cathal. We will bring you for a ride on our farming trailer with very comfortable straw bales for seating to historical and archaeological remains including an pre Christian Church remains passing livestock and pre famine dwellings. Taking in the magnificent backdrop of the Burren Mountains. We will guide you through our almost 500 acres of mixed species-rich grassland, wetland, Hazel scrub and glaciocarst limestone pavement internationally famous for Arctic – alpine and Mediterranean plants living side by side. Lough Bunny lake is of global importance and the centre of a unique karstic wetland system. Rest and rejuvenate with us over a rustic picnic taking in the aw inspiring surroundings. We will give an informative talk about the history of the farm and what we do as dry stock farmers.

*For further information contact event co-ordinator via Facebook

Lough Bunny
Co. Clare
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