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Bosco’s Magical Garden and Sleeping Beauty

In glór - Duration 75 mins/Suitable for ages 3+

Enjoy the enchanted story of Sleeping Beauty with the cheeky, funny Bosco, where an evil Fairy-Knight tries to harm Beauty but luckily she has very good fairy friends. With its brilliant array of characters, this completely interactive live experience is filled with fun and the magic of puppet theatre.

Bosco is Bosco, not a boy, not a girl, just a Bosco: a cheeky, lovely, funny, slightly-cracked, irrepressible, eternal five-year-old who lives in a box and who loves nothing more than to just be Bosco and meet all the boys and girls.

After starring on Irish TV for three decades, you’ll see why Bosco remains a firm favourite for each new generation.

Causeway Link
Co. Clare
V95 VHP0
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