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Beekeepers Open Day & Apiary Visit

Heritage Week

See the workings of a beehive, how honey is harvested and sample the finished product. Learn about the importance of pollinators; did you know that there are a hundred species of bees in Ireland?

In the Spring of 2017 Banner Beekeepers approached Clare County Council with the objective of establishing a teaching Apiary to raise public awareness of the importance of honeybees, and the 100 additional bee species, as pollinators. A site was chosen at the former landfill site, Doora, Ennis and work commenced in April. Beehives are now in situ and this event is an opportunity to visit an Apiary, see bee colonies at work, and sample the honey harvest.

Banner Beekeepers Association,
Doora Apiary, 'former landfill site',
Quinn Road,
Co. Clare

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