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A Place Between the Pines

by Photographer Paul Corey

Scariff Library Gallery presents ‘’A Place between the Pines ‘’ an exhibition of fine art photography by photographer Paul Corey. Ennis-based photographer Paul Corey will be exhibiting his fine art photography at Scariff Library, from the 9th of July to August 4th. The show is Paul’s first public solo exhibition and features a series of photographs each depicting different actresses, each wearing white dresses, set against the stunning Clare landscape. Paul’s aim is to create sweeping narratives within his photographs, photographs that are taken in a variety of locations.  Each photograph in the exhibition tells a story, inviting interpretation. For Paul, storytelling is what photography is all about. “My goal was to create breath-taking images that contain many layers so the viewer could spend time with and create their own narrative/story’’.

Scariff Library Gallery,
Co. Clare
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