Tulla Public Library

Tulla Public Library

Tulla Public Library opened in 1987 and is situated on the main street of the village, near to local schools and businesses. School visits are a regular feature of the library’s activities and children can choose from a wide selection of books suitable for all ages. The book stock in Tulla includes material on ‘alternative’ subjects such as homeopathic medicine, self-sufficiency and organic farming, which reflects the interests of families in the area.

Tulla Public Library has a stock of over 3,900 books for adults, and 4,200 books for children.

The library also has four free public access internet PCs.


Tulla Public Library
The Market House
Co. Clare
V95 FW24


Phone: +353 65 683 5919
Email: mailbox@clarelibrary.ie
Web: www.clarelibrary.ie

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