Mountshannon Bird Viewing and Information Point

Mountshannon Bird Viewing and Information Point

Mountshannon is a lively village with a bustling pier, marina, blue flag swimming area and park – and the star attraction here is undoubtedly the White-Tailed Sea Eagles. Mountshannon is a Bird Viewing and Information Point run by the local community – situated on the pier from which nesting White-Tailed Sea Eagles can often be spotted in the summer. During the breeding season, the Bird Viewing Information Point, provides information on the birds, and binoculars and telescopes are available to use.

In 2011, the Mountshannon breeding pair, a six-year-old male and five-year-old female, were collected as chicks by the Golden Eagle Trust, on the island of Freya off the west coast of Norway. The birds were released in Killarney National Park before relocating to Lough Derg in 2011.

The pair, named Saoirse and Caimin, created history in 2013 when they reared the first chicks to fly from a nest in Ireland in 110 years. The pair has hatched a chick each year since 2013. Mountshannon is one of the few places in Ireland where eagles can be seen nesting. Mountshannon Pier is also an excellent spot to observe other waterbirds including Great-Crested and Little Grebes, Common Tern, ducks including Tufted Duck, Teal, Merganser, Wigeon and Goldeneye and various gulls.

Mute Swans gather in late summer to moult and gain new feathers. Whimbrel pass through in late spring when their trilling calls can be heard especially on migration north at night.


  • Complimentary Telescopes to View Eagles
  • Publically View Magnificent White-Tailed Sea Eagles Without Disturbing Them


Mountshannon Pier
Co. Clare
V94 DN2K

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