Celtic Trees

Celtic Trees

Walk an almost mystical woodland path beside a tranquil river , stopping by particular trees according to season. The ancient Celtic Calendar holds a cycle of knowledge marked by specific trees that represent each of 5 seasons and 13 lunar months. An early Irish alphabet, the Ogham, is based on these trees.

On the walk Jackie, poet, local author and guide enables guests to understand and connect with the Ogham trees energies by leading them into correspondent tree meditation and sharing some “Gaia Touch” exercises (meditations with small gestures). The river walk affords a perfect setting for meditation, facilitated by the sounds of the healing drum and gong.

Jackie is a sound healer too so she can play a gong and drum by the tree. Then using a simple dowsing method which Jackie demonstrates, you can enjoy testing the tree’s aura before and after the sounds were played.

This is a magical area that inspires writing. The area inspires writing, and it is close to the home of WB Yeats who renovated an ancient tower house and wrote many of his best poems during the twelve summers he resided there.

You can purchase at discounted price Jackie’s own books of meditations/poems on the Celtic Trees:

Reconnecting with Celtic Trees

Tree Murmurs

Book 2.5 hours with Jackie at info@earthwise.me


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