Burren Mountain Tours

Burren Mountain Tours

Instead of walking the Burren drive it with us. We offer a 90 minute driving tour on a private mountain track travelling the route taken by the herdsmen of long ago to bring their cattle to the mountain for the winter. This is a unique experience away from the main tourist routes and follows a 6 mile farm track on our private lands cresting altitudes of 300m.
The views of the Clare and Galway coastline along the Wild Atlantic Way are breadth taking. From the western mountain edge you will have unparalleled views of Galway Bay, the Aran Islands and Connemara. Travelling inland towards the centre of the mountain observe and the vast expanse of limestone paving. Enjoy the tranquillity and splendid isolation of the Burren, far from the crowded tourist spots below. Travel in comfort while learning about the wonderful archaeology, history, habitat and farming in the Burren mountain from the people who now farm it.
This tour gives universal access to the Burren highlands, previously reserved for those with the ability to walk such strenuous routes. The tour is ideal for those who may not have the time or physical ability to cover this track on foot. It is perfect for nature lovers and those looking for something unique.
Small groups only – up to 7 at one time.


  • 2 Hr driving and walking tour (we drive to the top of the mountain and take you on a guided walking tour around the top of the mountain)
  • 90 minute driving tour
  • Authentic Irish Experience
  • Complimentary Car Parking
  • Educational and tailor made tours by appointment
  • Fantastic Scenery overlooking Galway Bay and Wild Atlantic Way
  • Learn about farming and our animals - cows, alpacas & mountain goats
  • Unique uninterrupted experience of the Burren on our private mountain


Burren Mountain Tours
Co. Clare


Phone: 065 7076164
Email: burrenmountaintours@gmail.com

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