Wild Irish Seaweed

Wild Irish Seaweed

Wild Irish Seaweed is sustainably hand harvested by fourth generation seaweed foragers off the coast of Co. Clare. The seaweeds are organic & naturally harvested from the clear Atlantic waters from The Cliffs of Moher to Loop Head Lighthouse.

The Irish Seaweed Safari is an experience not to be missed!  Join 4thgeneration Seaweed Foragers and enjoy the spectacular shore walk from the rugged coastline of Caherush meandering along the shoreline enjoying nostalgic views looking out on Spanish Point Bay along with the spectacular Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands.

During the safari you will learn about the many seaweeds the Atlantic Coastline has to offer. You will be shown how to identify and harvest the seaweeds by hand like our ancestors would have done. You will learn about the Nutritional Benefits of the edible seaweeds along the with the Cosmetic and Horticultural benefits.

The Tour lasts approx 3 hours and Costs: €15 per adult – €5 Children. Family rates are available.


  • Amazing Ocean Views
  • Cater for Groups & Coaches
  • Coastal Walking tour
  • Complimentary Car Parking
  • Seaweed Sampling & Tasting


Caherush Point
Co. Clare
V95 H3E9


Phone: +353 87 092 2555
Email: info@wildirishseaveg.com
Web: www.wildirishseaveg.com

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